I work for a small, nimble and intelligent company called Proteus. We’ve recently developed cutting-edge software we call Swift that allows people and organizations to build websites on their mobile phones (“WAP sites”) for free. With Swift, NGO’s can create a mobile version of their website using Swift to disseminate information to development practitioners instantly. Or imagine the opposite: someone in the field would like to update the company blog. Using their mobile phone, he or she could type their post and publish to their blog– which is also an RSS feed by way of Feedreader. Because this RSS feed was previously added to Swift when the company was building their WAP site, any post sent from the field is posted to your website and WAP site simultaneously, automatically and instantaneously. It takes five minutes to set up a Swift WAP site and five seconds to publish. And did I mention Swift is free?


One Response to Swift

  1. Fiona Murray says:

    Zinadoo is a similar tool whereby it is a completely free and easy to use mobile website creation tool. In minutes anyone can create and publish their very own mobile website. Users get to customise their site to their own tastes and add some cool interactive features. Then they can use the many sharing features provided to tell everyone about their mobile site. http://www.zinadoo.com

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