IICD 10th anniversary

June 17, 2007

Podcast Courtesy of IICD.


The Learning Forum – Welcome

June 10, 2007

Delivering Information, Improving Lives – First Voice

May 19, 2007

First Voice works with community groups, international organizations and government agencies to deliver information on pressing issues to impoverished rural and urban populations in Africa and Asia.

Building upon its technology endowment of five percent of the channel capacity of the AfriStar™ and AsiaStar™ broadcast satellites, First Voice works to integrate new and old communication technologies to find the most cost-efficient and sustainable system to disseminate information efficiently and effectively to the intended audience.

In this way, First Voice plays a vital role in ensuring the success of relief and development projects, and improving the lives of people throughout Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

Podcast courtesy of First Voice.

TCE MOMA 2006 – Volunteer in Africa

May 18, 2007

Few moments of TCE (Total Control of Epidemic) project, which combats HIV / AIDS dissemination, along my volunteer work experience in 2006, in Moma District, Nampula Province, Mozambique. (www.cicd-volunteerinafrica.org).

Podcast courtesy of Zeca Viana.

The Open Planning Project

August 10, 2006


The Open Planning Project’s (TOPP) mission is to build technology to enhance the role of the citizen in democratic society.

They believe that a more informed and empowered populace will effect real change. TOPP draws inspiration from the ideas, processes and success of the open source software movement. To that end the tools enhance government transparency and provide opportunity for citizen participation in shaping society.

The podcast: A few quick updates about what’s happening at NetSquared, followed by Eddie Codel’s interviews with Korise Jubert and some of his students from the DJ Project, and with Rob Miller of OpenPlans.org.

Courtesy of NetSquared

SDC project examples in ICT4D

August 9, 2006


The following projects in which the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) is participating aim to provide rural populations in development cooperation countries with access to important information, encourage participation and promote the development of networks.

  • ICT Programme in Chernobyl
    Almost 20 years after the explosion of the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl, the people in the region are still suffering the effects of the radioactive contamination. Access to objective, unbiased information about how to deal with such contamination is often difficult. That’s why the SDC is supporting the Internet site www.chernobyl.info which provides information about the catastrophe on 26 April 1986 and about current projects. The SDC is also carrying out computer projects in Belarus, the Ukraine and Russia to provide mainly young people with access to Internet and the information contained on it.
    The SDC project
  • CoseLearn, Africa
    CoseLearn is a programme supported by the SDC which promotes e-learning in several French-speaking countries of Africa including Algeria, Burkina Faso, Chad, Congo, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Senegal and Tunisia. The project which started in July 2003 is setting up a virtual campus in more than 50 partner universities whereby cooperation among the participating institutions is to be strengthened.
    >>Download project sheet: (PDF, 16 KB) [en]
  • The farmer’s Post Radio, Bolivia
    This SDC supported project enables farmers in western Bolivia to sell their products at appropriate prices. The “Instituto de Capacitación del Oriente” collects information about prices on central markets and passes this important information by e-mail and finally radio to farmers who then know how much to ask for their products.
    >>Download project sheet: (PDF, 15 KB) [en]
  • Young Asia Television (peace programme), Sri Lanka
    Young Asia Television (YATV) is working in the field of peace promotion. The production team regularly broadcasts programmes in Tamil and Sinhala which report objectively on the conflict in Sri Lanka and on the peace efforts and peace initiatives in particular. >>Download project sheet: (PDF, 16 KB) [de] [fr]
  • Information Village Research Project
    The Information Village Research Project (IVRP) of the M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation is working to improve the living conditions of the farming communities in southern Indian through the specific use of information and communication technologies. Ten villages in the region of Pondicherry have been formed into a network and outfitted with Internet access.
    >>Download project sheet: (PDF, 16 KB) [de] [fr]
  • Mandate the Future.org , Sri Lanka
    Mandate the Future is an Internet platform specialized in sustainable development. It focuses particularly on youth organizations in the south by giving them a platform on which to exchange information, experiences and knowledge and through which they can gain a greater voice in public and political life.
    >>Download project sheet: (PDF, 15 KB) [de] [fr]

The World Summit on the Information Society website contains information about other ICT4D projects and initiatives as well as news about progress in building the information society.

Additional Information and Documents

WSIS Stocktaking – Global database of ICT4D initiatives and projects

Highlight courtesy of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Vodcast: A farmer using a kiosk to get a copy of his land records, saving him time and money.

August 9, 2006

Ramji Lal, a farmer from Undeli village, has used the Sardarpur kiosk to get a copy of his land records, saving him time and money. (1:48)

Please note – the videos below are such that you need a 128K line or better to stream them. Depending on how your computer is set up you may be offered an option to download or stream. If you have a slow connection we recommend downloading them. If you are not offered the download option and they are not streaming, please right click on your mouse and choose the option ‘save target as’ and then play them.

Vodcast courtesy of Sustainable ICTs