I’ve moved…

March 16, 2008

Given the flexibility that Blogger gives bloggers, I’ve decided to move my restructured blog to http://ICT4mobile.blogspot.com

See you there!


What is a WAP site?

March 16, 2008

A WAP site is just like a website, but for your mobile phone.  Because bandwidth is far less on a mobile phone, and because your mobile phone screen size is only a fraction of what is on a computer, WAP sites are tiny compared to their larger brothers.

Here is come advice on building WAP sites— ’cause you know you’ll want to when you find out that it’s free and easy.

1. Ensure that the most relevant information is at the top of the page so it’s easily accessible to users.  It’s painful to scroll down forever on your mobile phone.

2. Ensure you keep your WAP site to a minimum of pages.  Most people won’t click more than a few times on your WAP site so you don’t want to bury your blog three or four pages down.

3. Go light on the graphics.  WAP sites are less about presentation and more about information.  Using fewer graphics will ensure quicker load times.  As a result people will remain on your WAP site longer and be happier for it.

4. Use Swift to build your WAP site.  It’s free and easy.

I’m back!

March 14, 2008

I’ve been away and working hard at a wonderful company, Proteus, which is doing great things for the mobile industry. This blog will change focus as a result. Rather than being just videos of ICT4D, I’m going to narrow this down to postings about the mobile industry in developing countries.  I’m looking for mobile solutions to poverty.  We’ll see how long it takes for me to become overwhelmed!  Don’t worry, though, I’ll still have videos– which are more interesting then reports anyway.