I know I wrote in the Omega that I was done. But I have some time to kill so I’ll continue looking for ICT4D podcasts. There wasn’t much last year so maybe this year there will be a little more. That said, I may expand the site to include not just podcasts but more general ICT4D stuff. I’m not sure though. I like the purity of having this site exclusively devoted to podcasting.

In other news, since I’ve just graduated from Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies with an MA in International Relations and International Economics…I’m looking for a job. Is there anyone out there who does ICT4D for a living? Do you need a Project Manager? Do you need a Research Assistant? Do you need someone to travel around the world collecting data? I’m your man. I’m most interested in the ‘anthropology of technology’; how people use technology to improve their lives. We might be talking about cell phones to find the highest prices at market or that ubiquitous One Laptop Per Child.


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