Leveraging India as India stands up

Here is the podcast from Harvard’s AudioBerkman group (24:00) or you can watch the Google Video presentation of Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Professor of Electrical Engineering and co-founder of the Telecommunications and Computer Networking Group at the Indian Institute of technology at Madras.  He explores the factors that have contributed to, and characterized the rise of India over the past decade, and the challenges that lie ahead for the world’s largest democracy.

In this edition of AudioBerkman, Professor Jhunjhunwala offers his unique perspective on this process and in particular the role of new technologies, policies, and business models. Through his working creating information and communication technologies, incubating start-ups, collaborating with national and international companies, advising on national technology policy and preparing the engineers and leaders for tomorrow, Professor Jhunjhunwala has become a true academic entrepreneur, helping shape the present and the future of his University, his nation, and indeed the developing world.


One Response to Leveraging India as India stands up

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