Ethan Zuckerman’s first podcast on Africa

“Okay, so this is my first official podcast. And, since it addresses the issue of whether or not podcasts are a good idea since so many people can’t access them, I’m including a text post that covers some of the same ground.

Taran Rampersand, fellow Worldchanging contributor, takes me to task for jumping on the podcasting bandwagon. (I’m already feeling the karmic implications of my bandwagon jumping – as I sat down to record my first official podcast, my iPod died an ugly death. Coincidence? You be the judge.)

Taran points out – correctly – that podcasting is currently unaccessible for most people in the developing world:

For one, you may have to dial a long distance number. That sucks. The other part is really the audience. In a world where the lowest common denominator is a 56k dial up modem (and even lower in some places), sound bytes suck because of the sheer size.

How many people do you know well enough to wait around waiting for 10-15 minutes or longer to hear speak for 3 minutes? Plainly this is an issue. So while the blogosphere goes googoo over mobcasting and podcasting, it’s really not helping with the digital divide. It’s increasing it. We have a bunch of well off people in the developed world able to communicate with each other better. Wow.”

Podcast courtesty of Ethan Zuckerman


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