Executive Secretary of ECA, K. Y. Amoako

Executive Secretary of ECA, K. Y. Amoako

Executive Secretary of ECA, K. Y. Amoako in conversation with Veronica Wilson on Information and Communication Technologies, HIV/AIDs and Development.

This programme contains an autobiographical interview with the ECA Executive Secretary, Mr KY Amoako and includes his perceptions on development challenges facing Africa. Specifically, discussions are centred on the work of the Commission in areas such as Gender, HIV-AIDs and ICTs for development. In 1995 ECA Conference of Ministers of Planning and Development passed a resolution entitled “Towards an African Information Highway” calling on the Executive Secretary to appoint a high-level group of African ICT experts to draft an action plan to build the continent’s information and communication capacity. This plan now known as the African Information Society Initiative (AISI) is the first regional framework of its kind.

This programme is one of a series based on the Harnessing ICTs for Development Programme of ECA. The first series, Dialogue on Digital Dividends in Africa, also produced by Veronica Wilson is the winner of the New York festivals 2003 Radio Award.


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